How to Create a Great Life One Great Day at a Time?

What if ...

- you could steer your days, months, years more and more aligned to your higher goals?
- you would live your life instead of someone else's?
- you could feel satisfaction and peace of mind at the end of a day instead of an overwhelmed feeling?
- this only requires focus, attention and doing?

The priOptimizer helps you to live out your goals and to optimize your day, your year, your life.

The process of optimization is key: 
It’s the way to excel, not to perfect;
It’s the way of planning, doing, reviewing and optimizing day after day;
It’s the way where new opportunities and changes are embraced without losing your own vision, your own goals.

the priOptimizer


It's a physical book per quarter.  It’s per quarter to make sure that the year does not escape you. Each time you can make a new exercise, adapted to fast changing environment.  

Weekend Inclusive

It's used continuously, also in the weekend. It brings a system with it to get the most out of your weekend and to fully recharge.

Personal Archive

it's a personal archive or storage place for all your notes. It gives you a single overview instead of dealing with notes here and there. Maybe you also recognize the "in which book I have written something again"-phenomenon? 

On Paper

It's on paper.  We have deliberately made our priOptimizer on paper. Research shows that our brains like paper more than screens. We learn better, remember more, process more thoroughly, and understand more fully when we write things down rather than when we type them out. 

Single priOptimizer

  • BTW included
  • One quarter (90days)
  • Shipping costs not included

priOptimizer annual subscription

  • BTW included
  • 4 priOptimizers
  • Every quarter a new planner delivered at home
  • Shipping costs not included
  • save 16 Euro

The priOptimizer helps you to live out your goals. It's a tool that lifts up your own performance management by choosing and setting focus on the right things, to become more effective and productive. It will bring you definitely more peace of mind and you will experience more satisfaction on a daily basis.


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